JAY founder, Annie Wood, has two first loves, coffee and doodling. She believes coffee shouldn’t be enjoyed without art and art cannot be created without coffee. All of her inspiration starts as a doodle inked on a coffee cup. She wanted her sketches to live beyond her coffee cups and be an authentic representation of the day to day inspiration around her. This is how she created the unique collection of patterns and thus JAY was created.

Our mission is simple: JAY strives to pattern your world. We believe that patterns allow for continuity, creativity and conversation. Based in Chicago, Illinois, JAY is committed to designing unique and specialized patterns for all aspects of life. Although JAY's roots are in specialized stationery, we look forward to expanding our aesthetic to other mediums. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to share our vision with you, please let us know if there is anyway we may improve your JAY experience.